WordPress Site Monitoring & Maintenance

WordPress is an extremely useful resource when implemented effectively. But, like most things in life, without the proper maintenance and upkeep, it can be hindered and its efficacy greatly reduced. A careful eye must be kept on the introduction of malware, which can wreak havoc on your site, and if you don’t have the proper backups in place, could mean hours, if not days, spent rebuilding your site to its former glory.

With my specialized Monitoring Software, I can keep an eye on your WordPress site 24/7 and make sure your WordPress core, Theme, & Plugins stay up-to-date. I will also keep off-site backs-up of both your WordPress site and Database in case disaster strikes.

• 24/7 Scanning of your WordPress Site
• 24/7 Malware & Hacking protection via WordFence
• Scheduled Off-Site Backups (to my DropBox)
• Up-Time Monitoring
• Broken Link Monitoring
• Scheduled WP Optimization (Database, Comments, Revisions, etc)
• Monthly Reports sent to your email


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