The Importance of WordPress Maintenance

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The Importance of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is an extremely useful resource when implemented effectively. But, like most things in life, without the proper maintenance and upkeep, it can be hindered and its efficacy greatly reduced. A careful eye must be kept on the introduction of malware, which can wreak havoc on your site, and if you don’t have the proper backups in place, could mean hours, if not days, spent rebuilding your site to its former glory. We are going to discuss some of maintenance services that should be taken advantage of and implemented to ensure that your site maintains consistency, stability, and security.


Let’s start by giving a simple explanation as to what malware is. Malware is, in a sense, a trojan horse software based around the sole premise of damaging, and/or malicious intent. On a WordPress site, it can profoundly impact the performance level of said site with damages ranging from web server havoc, to less-than-friendly user experience. With that being said, it is paramount that you carefully observe your site and defend against malware.

If you don’t then it may be too late to reverse the damage once the malware has been discovered. One of the keys to preventing malware from crippling your site is to pay attention to the overall performance level of your site on a consistent basis and noting any reductions in said performance. Here are some of the possible ways that malware can attack:

• Over-use of server resources

• The use of your site to attack other sites

• Spam emails sent from your site Large amounts of disk space being used

• Slowing of said site/ decrease in user experience

• Lowering SEO performance, which lowers site rank listing

Sadly enough, these are just a sparse few ways that malware can affect your site, which makes it blatantly obvious what kind of an issue malware is.


Uptime is, in essence, the time in which your site is running and accessible. It is extremely important to observe the uptime of your site and maintain its consistency. Having a site that operates perpetually allows for possible consumers to access your site whenever they feel, and it ensures the best possible user experience on said site. If your website happens to be down when a possible consumer tries to access it, then chances are, they will not be back. This can ruin your site credibility, overall client base, and hinder your site exponentially.


WordPress vulnerability alerts are one the most useful feedback tools that can be implemented on any site. These alerts will inform you of where your site is vulnerable and lagging in performance, allowing you to better analyze and assess the causes behind the alert. These alerts allow you to stop problems before they start


Having an off-server backup of your WordPress site and why it’s important isn’t something that needs to be explained to understand its importance. There is a plethora of reasons as to why having a backup is conducive to the maintenance and progression of your site. But, the basest reason is this; What if malware is introduced to your site and/or server and the damage cannot be undone? Simply put, you will have a backup for a quick restore and are not starting from scratch.