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How many videos did you see on social media platforms like Instagram that went viral in the past year? More and more people are realizing that a 1-minute video on social media will spread further than a text post ever would. Social media algorithms are designed to keep people watching short video after short video (we’ve all got stuck there at some point right?). It’s important that your social media accounts are active and posting regular video content to engage your followers and keep them wanting more.

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Whatever the social media platform- I can make an eyecatching video for you to post, and your followers to enjoy. From short Instagram and Facebook stories to 3minute IGTV videos, I’ve got you covered. Facebook advertising videos are a clever way to increase sales. Ensure your video is taking up the user’s screen (with no room for the competitors) with a square video. I can help you with your specific requirements.


Prices can vary depending on the content, but I can assure you great value for money.

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